The PCG and the EBTC

Who are we and what is the PCG?

Battletech is a multi-layered, huge universe and just as there are changes there due to succession wars and other conflicts, planets change hands and the Inner Sphere is always in flux, so it is in our hobby landscape.
Before and within several years, the foundation was laid for a cooperative partnership between the two German BATTLETECH associations TT and MFG. More and more joint activities were coordinated, inter-club chapter fights were made possible and meetings were held at the various conventions in Germany. It was obvious to consolidate the cooperation with a joint convention for the entire community, whose main focus is playing Battletech. The last event of this kind, then called “GCW”, took place in May 2019. A positive surprise at the time was the offer from the European Catalyst Agents to host the EBTC (European Battletech Championship) there, which can be seen as a great appreciation of the community work of the past years.
After the successful con, at which the atmosphere was consistently good, the intention was to organise the con annually. However, the pandemic put a spanner in the works. In the meantime, some things have changed, but the MFG’s plan to organise a Battletech-Con for the DBTM has remained. With a new name and happily motivated we present the PLAYERS CONVENTION GERMANY

Because we are players,
because we meet at a convention,
because we play in Germany.

The event is aimed at all Battletech players: Battletech organizations, free chapters, solo players, veterans, newcomers, returning players, and so on – everyone is welcome! The aim is to offer a colourful programme with something for everyone.
AND beyond that, it is also aimed at boardgamers, tabletop gamers and miniatures maniacs of all kinds. Because at the PCG there will also be other systems or even what you bring with you. Some rumour that you will be able to play Zombicide, Freebooter’s Fate or even one or two other pen & paper systems.

Battletech-specific traders will be on site, demo rounds will be offered to get started or find your way back into the game. There will be a flea market and workshops for crafting or painting miniatures … just to give you an idea of what will be going on.
If you like what you have just read, we would be happy to receive your registration for the con on this page. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us by mail to or

Your MFG-Con-Orga